Hauling Aggregate and Installing

Hauling Aggregate and Installing in Texas

SBF Construction & Paving Hauling Aggregate and Installing Services

Not only do we haul, but we also install! SBF Construction and Paving own all the equipment for doing any job. The road grader/ maintainer is second to none when it comes to finishing work. With the long blade, it turns any gravel surface into a slick glass finish. A backhoe is an excellent tool for digging holes, and trenches, removing trees and unwanted brush, digging house pads, and correcting water drainage.

Box blade tractor is great for installing roads/driveways, house pads, and loading materials. Our skid steer has many different attachments that make any job possible in even the smallest spaces. The concrete hammer bust out old concrete with ease, the street sweeper is heavy duty and large enough to tackle even the biggest parking lots in a short amount of time and yet still small enough to clean off a residential driveway, brush grapple is perfect for scooping, grabbing and holding onto brush and demolition debris, pallet forks are a great tool for moving rock and sod on and off of trailers or other pallet based materials, auger or post hole digger takes a days-long worth of work and turns it into just a few effortless minutes. For your fences, utility poles, concrete piers, or small trees, an auger is a multipurpose tool, a trencher is smaller than the backhoe so it keeps a trench small and can squeeze into tight spaces beside the house.

Let it do the work for your new plumbing pipes, or worse, a vibratory roller is a key to getting the tightest packed materials. 100% necessary for house pads or pads for backyard sheds, the roller will get your material packed as tight as it could be. We even use it on a washed rock on driveways to lay it down flat.