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Demolition Services in Bell County, TX

SBF Construction & Paving Demolition Services

Demolition is an art and takes careful planning. Sometimes as much care and consideration as building the structure go into the demolition process. For this reason, our primary focus is safety – both for personnel and surrounding areas.

SBF Construction and Paving have completed numerous projects in commercial, residential, and industrial settings. What sets us apart from our competition is the unparalleled customer service we provide. Our experienced team selects the best equipment and methods for each project to ensure we stay on schedule, within budget, and safety is adhered to.

Communication is important between SBF Construction and Paving and its clients, especially when working with local groups and regulatory agencies. We communicate effectively, so each project is accomplished safely and quickly within set standards. Experience and trust are everything in our industry and we hope to earn yours as we have with many other clients.

Whether it’s demolition, disaster cleanup, waste removal, or hauling, SBF Construction and Paving in Bell County can take care of all your residential, commercial, or industrial needs. We even fill in old pools and take out the brush. Contact us for any project bids or with questions you may have about our services.